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Religion vs. Jesus

 Pls. Watch this vid!

Finished the second book of Hungergames today!!! “Catching Fire” !! OMG OMG so good! gonna borrow the last one soon in school library! LEGGO!

Finished the second book of Hungergames today!!! “Catching Fire” !! OMG OMG so good! gonna borrow the last one soon in school library! LEGGO!

"You can´t get to no better days, unless you make it through the night."

Hi tumblr! i´m baaaaack!!! lol. School has been keeping me busy lately. I really have some catching up to do. I´ve been chilling a lot and then panicking in the last minute for hand ins and tests. Sigggggghhhh. I CAN DO THIS! #sparta. I´ve been a busYness woman. And I´ve also been trying to look for jobs for this summer to get some #kachingkaching. I mean yeah, no doubt that I want money but I guess I also want some experience. I´m 18!! xD hahaah. I´m really hoping to get some job , otherwise I might result in to singing in the streets again.. T__T (although singing in the streets did give us quite a lot of cash..!!!)

Anyways, right now I´m listening to Bill Withers “Lean On Me”. Makes me feel good! <3

"Sometimes in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow. But if we are wise, we know that there´s always tomorrow." 

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Feeeerrrn. Thank you so much! <3

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Met my angel today. David.&lt;3

Met my angel today. David.<3

Preparing for a math test. Guess why i can&#8217;t concentrate?

Preparing for a math test. Guess why i can’t concentrate?

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Mom gets home…


Me: Mom, look I cleaned the house!

Mom: …..

Me: :D

Mom: ……

Me: :D


Me: :D……

Your treasure.

I´ve had so many moments when I thought I knew I had fully decided what to do. ( You know your plans for the future, your dilemmas, dreams etc.) I´ve had plenty of thinking during the nights, plenty of wonderful, encouraging moments that strengthened my heart into doing what I wanna do, what I want to achieve. Those moments when it feels like your heart and your mind are one. But then as the day brightens and as we see reality once more. …the reality of exams, grades, work, family, relationships, problems, stress etc… seems like it all goes back to 0. Then, new plans, new aspirations, ambitions and different goals are made. Other paths are taken as an option. But eventhough the situation is so, deep in your heart you are well aware of your treasure which is hidden. I realize that we tend to bury and dig them out, bury and dig, bury and dig… Do we want them? Or do we not want them? Should we just forget? Or should we remember?  

The thing is…if you bury it, you might not find any other treasure..because maybe that one was entirely made for you..

…Or will you just make one out of the blue?

Only you can make the decision. What is it gonna be?

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It&#8217;s called heaven.

It’s called heaven.

When you did not get a wink of sleep the night before and someone´s tryna have a proper conversation with you….

huh? what? what ya say?

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